Events at Teatro Massimo

The Teatro Massimo was built between 1944 and 1947 thanks to the Merellos, a family who owned a large plot of land, seat of one among the most advanced mills in Italy (Molino Merello). In the 70’s, however, the theatre started its decline, until 1982, when a fire caused by a short circuit led to its closure. Taken over by the Municipality of Cagliari, the Teatro Massimo was fully restored to its former glory. Inaugurated in 2009, the modern Teatro Massimo consists of a main hall, with a capacity between seven and eight hundred seats, and a smaller hall, commonly called Minimax, which can accommodate about two hundred spectators. Headquarter of Teatro Stabile della Sardegna, the new Massimo is intended mainly to house prose shows, but offers also musical performances. The recent renovations have brought to light the remains of one of the most important public works of ancient Karales (the latin name of the town), the Roman aqueduct, which conveyed the water coming from the inland.